Tuesday, June 6, 2017

BOOK: Exhortations

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Volume 6 ... #19
Confronted With Trusting In Man Or Trusting In God

In September 2016, I was confronted with a problem concerning outside damage to my house and water coming into my house.  I didn't know how serious the problem is and I didn't know how much money it would take to keep the house from serious damage.  Also I had just purchased some furniture and had greatly reduced the savings for repair/replacement.

I was speaking with Pam Padgett the night I had discovered the possible water damage inside the house.

I had also called a painter to advise me and had planned to meet with painter.

There was such a temptation to tell Pam what had happened but I really didn't want to "dump" my problem on Pam ... and I strongly realized that I could either put my trust in Pam or keep my trust in God.  The decision was mine.

As we talked by phone, I was considering this issue.   I asked God to help me to not dump this on Pam and to simply trust God to work all this out and to help me make correct decisions.

When I went to bed that night, I had the feeling that temporary measures would work concerning protecting the house ... caulking the house, putting temporary seals on the house, and such.  That should not be too expensive.  I felt great comfort about this.


We have a woman in our little church group who has often dumped her problems on me.  It has been very hard for me.  It is such a way of life with her, I don't believe she even recognizes she is doing this or is about to do this.

When I was tempted to do this to Pam, I recognized I was about to do this.  So I had an opportunity to stop myself by praying to God.

If it is your way of life to tell other people your problems, then you might not know you are doing this.

But if you do turn to other people this way, you show you do not depend on God for help.

I would rather seek the help of God and trust God than man.

It is a deliberate choice.


I Peter 5:6-7 ... Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that HE may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon HIM; for HE careth for you.


I knew this was a life changing decision for me.  Little things often are!

Who is our God?  Does HE live?  Is HE alive?  Does HE help us?  Can we put our trust in HIM?

If we have really put our trust in God through prayer, talking with HIM about the problem, how can we run to other people and "dump" on them, troubling them?

To talk to other people shows we do not believe God will help us.  We deny God when we do this.