Monday, August 28, 2017

BOOK: Exhortations
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Volume 9 ... #7
Learning to Wait on God ... Learning to Trust in God

When a problem comes, our flesh often panics!

We must learn to trust in God, to turn to God, to wait on God for the way to go.

This not only provides the answer for us on this earth, but it develops our faith in God, a spirit.

We want to turn to the seen, not the unseen.  But the answer is from the unseen.

We must learn to trust God more than we trust ourselves and other humans.

As we try to figure out what to do, often we "spin our wheels" digging ourselves deeper into a hole, doing various things that are unwise and doing things that just do not work.

When we take the problem to God in prayer, and be still until HE opens our eyes to see what to do, then we have a sure thing.


The apostle Paul said he came to the church with the testimony of God ... sharing things with the church that had power of God, rather than sharing the wisdom of men.  I Cor.2

In what I have shared here, there is the power of God for those who catch on and learn to control the flesh and really turn to God and put trust in God.

God's way is often very different from our way.

Pam Padgett told a remarkable story of a time she was in college.  She fell into a trap of agreeing to go to a fraternity party, 20 miles out of town.

When she wanted to get out of going to this, recognizing it would be evil, she turned to God and asked HIM to give her appendicitis so she would be in hospital and not be able to go.  (Pam's way of escape for herself.)

But God had a better way of escape for her. 

The day of the event, it began to rain.  The rain increased as the day progressed.  By afternoon, there was so much rain that the event had to be cancelled!

Pam was free and she didn't have to do anything except trust God to work it out.


A man in our little church group was considering putting a second storage building up to store his stuff.

As he thought on this, the following came to his mind:  "Why don't you just get rid of the stuff?"

We, who hear this story, marvel at the great wisdom given by God and the simplicity of God's wisdom.


At one point, I played duplicate bridge.  I wanted to get out of this.  Through some events I did break away.  But then there was nothing for me to do with my time.  I knew it was not going to work for me to try to find secular activities in my town. I didn't even try to do so.

I just stayed very still, talking to God about the situation.

I waited approximately 7 months ... Then God gave me a dream showing me what to do.  In the dream, a woman was singing.  I said, "It's a little voice ... but it's a nice little voice."  Then people were talking and I saw this was a way for the church to communicate with one another and then I realized it was an Internet blog.

Immediately I called Pam Padgett (former computer programmer at Fed Ex).  I asked Pam if she could set up a blog for us where we could share with the church.  Pam explored this and within 3 days had set up our blog and we were writing exhortations daily for the church.  Blog:  Jesus Ministries Exhortations


It was amazing, far beyond anything we could have ever imagined!

The blog allowed us to share daily.  We could even correct typo mistakes after the exhortation had already been published.  The writing went out instantly.  It cost us nothing to do this.  The blog was free to us and to all who wanted to read what we said.  There was no limitation.  We could write as much as we wanted.

And none of us thought about the fact that the blog went all over the world! 

The first day the writing was published, two people from Germany had viewed the blog.  We were so shocked, never thinking of this writing going all over this world ... "World Wide Web" ...  WWW

All we were doing was acting upon that which God had shown me in that dream.

We continually marvel at this instrument of a blog given to us to communicate things of God with the church all over the world.

God has ways for us to go that we could never imagine and HIS ways are so much better than anything our minds are able to construct!

Also the wisdom from God, the way from God, is simple and easy and merciful!

James 3:17 ... But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy


So we learn to take our situation, problem, to God ... To talk with God in prayer ... To wait for the answer.